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Are you prepared to handle an extended power outage?

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Electricity is often taken for granted. It is only when a power outage occurs, we realise how much we rely on electricity. Think of the consequences at home or in the office!
No lighting, heating, air conditioning, warm water or alarms. (Cordless) telephones become useless, computers and televisions will stop working, refrigerators and freezers fail,…
There are many other examples where a power outage can cause loss or damage: farmers who use pig lamps can incur serious losses, small food traders will have to destroy their stock, pet shop owners could lose the inhabitants of terraria and aquaria.


A EUROPOWER generator equipped with a EUROPOWER mains voltage change-over system will protect you from unpleasant surprises at home or at your office or workplace. With this system you will be prepared for anything!
There are two systems: manual and automatic.


If the power goes down, all you have to do is start your generating set and change the position of the change-over switch. When the mains returns you reset the change-over switch to its original position and turn off the generator.

- low price
- easy to install
- easy to use
- no maintenance required
- manual change-over mains/generating set: 100% safe
- can be used with a manual + electric start generator

- you need to be present in the event of a mains failure
- generating set has to be started manually
- it is possible that the generator will fail to start after a long period of inactivity (our advice is to start the genset regularly, in particular, as after a length of time, gasoline can lose quality and the batteries may discharge)


If the power goes down, this system ensures the generating set will start up automatically and provide you with electricity again. When the mains returns, the system switches off automatically, after a short cooling off period.

- your presence is not required in the event of a mains failure
- fully automatic
- easy to install
- easy to use
- no maintenance required
- very high reliability because of self-test
- failure indications on the display
- 100% safe automatic change-over mains / genset,
change-over relays mechanically and electrically secured
- volt- , frequency and battery voltage meter and hour counter

- only works with electrically started generating set

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P.S. Always connect your PC network to a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to prevent data loss

09/12/03 • EUROPOWER Generators