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Because safety matters

EUROPOWER does not only provide you with electricity, but also takes care of your safety! Protect yourself and your genset by means of following options * and assure yourself of a carefree use.
Leave your personal protection and that of your genset to us!

* If you use an insulation protection, an earth leakage protection becomes redundant!


The thermal-magnetic protection protects the alternator against overload and short-circuit.
In case of overload, the thermal part of the protection shall switch off after a certain period of time. The time needed by the protection to switch off depends on the height of the overload: the higher the overload, the shorter the time needed by the thermal protection to switch off.
In case of short-circuit, the magnetic part of the protection shall switch off immediately. Important here is the right choice of protection and the diameter and maximum admitted length of the extension cables to guarantee the switching off in case of short-circuit. Contact us for more information!


The earth leakage protection protects persons against electric shocks in case of indirect contact (e.g. a damaged conductor touches the metal housing of an appliance).
The earth leakage protection detects an electricity leakage and switches off when the leakage current exceeds 10, 30, 100 or 300 mA and prevents in this way electrocution. An earth pin is necessary in most cases!


An insulation protection constantly measures the resistance (in Ohm) between the earth (in our case engine block/alternator housing) and the alternator windings. When there is no failure and thus no risk for the user, the resistance between earth and windings shall be very high. When an insulation failure occurs, the resistance shall decrease. If this failure constitutes a danger for the user (resistance <100 kOhm) the current shall be interrupted immediately. It is also possible to stop the engine. An earth pin is needless, which makes the insulation protection extremely useful for mobile gensets!
Moreover, the EUROPOWER insulation protection
„IB-Protector“ has following functions: overvoltage and undervoltage protection, over- and underfrequency protection, power relay control and operating protection by means of a code.


From the 14th till the 17th of March, Cologne becomes the setting again for the annual ‚Practical World’ fair. Of course, EUROPOWER shall be present again at this international trade fair (tools + Do-It-Yourself). Remember our booth number D039/041 in hall 14.2.
In short, this will be the ideal occasion to get to know each other and our products! More information on this topic in our next newsletter.

19/02/04 • EUROPOWER Generators