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We have an exclusive interview with the two generators involved: EPS1200 and EPSi2000.

Why, exactly, have you two been chosen as the topic of this extraordinary promotion?

EPS1200: ,,Because, at this time of the year, people start doing odd jobs again in and around the garden. We are ideal companions, helping to make their jobs a little easier."

EPSi2000: ,,Also, during more relaxed activities, such as a boat trip or camping, we love being around. In short, now is the time to buy us!"

And why should we buy you?

EPS1200: ,,I am not only very compact and discreet (sound level 85 LwA) but also significantly powerful (800 Watt cont. & 900 VA). I am equipped with the renowned quality of a Honda G101 petrol engine and I have a low oil level alert system for my own protection. I will work all day long, because my autonomy is no less than 8 hours! Click here for more technical data."

EPSi2000: ,,My sound level is 95 LwA and I am even more powerful than my colleague (1500 Watt cont. & 1,7 kVA max.). I am equipped with the quality of a Honda GX100 petrol engine and I also have an oil alert system. You can work with me for 7 hours without refuelling! I also have the advantage of perfect voltage stability and frequency thanks to my inverter technology. Click here for more technical information."

How much do we have to pay for you during this promotion?


List price 2004 1 piece 2 - 3 pieces 4 - 5 pieces 6 - 11 pieces >12 pieces
EPS1200 € 555 € 333 € 325 € 317 € 309 € 300
EPSi2000 € 1095 € 657 € 643 € 630 € 615 € 600

How long can we benefit from these special prices?

EPSi2000: ,,From now on until 20/06/04. So, hurry!"

Well, you have already convinced me!


Payment conditions: standard
Warranty: 1 year
All prices are VAT excluded
Delivery: EX WORKS

18/05/2004 • europower