Ladies and gentlemen,

from now on, EUROPOWER sells its products under the label

‘Made in Belgium’

We dare to do this because, abroad, Belgian quality is highly valued.
When we compare the Belgian quality to other countries, the main difference appears to be that it cannot be pinned down to one product in particular. Belgium is not only famous for its refined chocolate, but it is also the country of comic strips, diamonds and steak with fries,…
Throughout the world, the Belgian citizen is known to be a hard worker and the Belgian know-how is very appreciated. In fact, it is no wonder that Belgium is one of the largest exporters in the world.

The EUROPOWER philosophy completely meets this profile. We also want to present ourselves abroad as a company where quality is priority number one. And with quality we do not only mean product quality but also quality of service. In this respect, we cannot stress enough how much we value our client’s input.

Thanks to you we are able to improve our quality continuously and prove that we are really worth the label ‘Made in Belgium’.

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