EUROPOWER proudly presents: EP400XE
We are the first to introduce a high power 400A DC welding generator with B&S petrol engine. The biggest advantage of this brand new machine is the combination of high welding current and very compact dimensions at a low price compared to diesel welders.

YES, when high welding current is needed and when because of weight and dimensions a diesel welding generator cannot be integrated into your vehicle or when it is just too expensive, EUROPOWER offers you a solution:


A few general specifications:
  • Generating set with high quality VANGUARD 31HP gasoline engine, 2-cylinder, air-cooled
  • 400A Sincro welding alternator
  • 11kVA 400V / 4,5kVA 230V auxiliary power
  • Engine protection covers
  • Central built-in lifting eye
  • Fuel pump
  • 20 litre jerrycan for easy refuelling
  • Toolbox for welding cables
  • Maintenance: fuel filter, oil filter, air cleaner element, oil filler cap, oil/fuel drain are easily accessible
  • Battery 12V 45Ah
  • Earth leakage protection + thermal magnetic protection
  • Temperature protection on welding windings

  • Earth pin
  • Wheel kit
  • Welding cables
  • Other options on request

Click here for the complete data sheet.