The EUROPOWER identification plate: a wealth of information
Every EUROPOWER generating set has a unique identification plate. This gives important information on the generating set and allows it to be traced.

Of course, EUROPOWER is mentioned on it as manufacturer. It further indicates the type of generating set, the unique serial number and the year of manufacture. Thereunder you can find additional technical information. An important element on the type identification plate is the EC-logo, which indicates that the machine meets the most stringent European quality standards. Also the mention 'ISO9001-2000' refers to the EUROPOWER quality, since we are an ISO certified company, where quality in all aspects is priority number 1. 'MADE IN BELGIUM', eventually, states that the origin of the goods is Belgium.

Additional information
Through the serial number on the identification plate we can provide you with additional information on the generating set. For each serial number we keep following information in our system:
  • the engine and alternator number,
  • the production date and series,
  • the shipping date,
  • the name of the distributor who the generating set has been delivered to.
This additional information can be very useful when, for instance, you want to order spare parts, because with this information we can retrace all parts that were used to manufacture a specific generating set. The information on the identification plate can also be convenient while determining warranty.

If the identification plate is not legible any more or if it has been removed, we can still find all data of the generator in our database through the serial number of the engine (to be found on the engine block), or through the serial number of the alternator (see pictures).

In case of theft, we can trace the necessary information in our database. Also in case of takeover purchase or purchase of second hand machines, our database can be helpful again.

However, it is always useful to note down the serial number on your invoice and/or delivery note.