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Ladies and gentleman,

Generally, water and electricity are not a very good match. Still, water companies often require generating sets. Because of the risks workers are exposed to (working in damp conditions), the requirements with regards to safety and user-friendliness tend to be rather high. Also in this case, EUROPOWER is your right partner. Our generating sets can be developed completely according to the client's specifications and thus offer the right solution for every specific application.


Some of the possibilities:

  • EUROPOWER offers generating sets with increased protection degree IP54.
  • The EUROPOWER insulation protection makes sure the user gets the best protection.
  • Convenient lifting eyes and big pneumatic wheels and support arms enhance the user-friendliness.
  • EUROPOWER has in its range some standard types with safety voltage 24/48V 50 Hz, whether or not equipped with options: in water towers it is for instance obligatory to work with safety voltage. Also in other wet rooms safety voltage is a must for illumination and electric tools.

You see, we accept every challenge to meet the requirements of our dealers. Company_Placeholder and your clients are always welcome at our premises to discuss a custom made generating set in detail. The construction of a prototype makes sure the customer gets exactly what he wants. We are convinced that this way of working is the key to success.

18/11/2008  EUROPOWER Generators