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Ladies and gentlemen,

EUROPOWER is proud to present its brand new website. Nothing special, except for the fact that this website has been translated in as much as 52 languages!
Being an experienced exporter, EUROPOWER is very much aware of the fact that an interesting multilingual website is an important asset to attract new customers and to inform existing clients. But even if a website is as interesting as can be, if the (potential) customer does not understand the language, all efforts have been useless.
Therefore EUROPOWER devised the plan to increase its website, which was available until now in the 5 active company languages (Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish), to as much as 52 languages. These 5 existing languages were translated by the EUROPOWER-staff with the kind cooperation of foreign customers, who checked the translations and gave them a native touch. Because EUROPOWER also has Chinese, Russian and Arab employees, it was a logical next step to ask these people to translate the website into their mother tongue. And the Portuguese version was translated by a Portuguese client who proposed to do it because this way, he could provide an even better service to his customers.
For EUROPOWER, this 9-language website was not yet the limit. But since translating a website manually takes a considerable amount of time, EUROPOWER opted for another approach to reach the assumed target of 52 languages. Why not integrate the Google translator tool in their website? The quality of �Google translate� is more than ok and the translation is done in a second. The visitor of the EUROPOWER-website only has to select his language in the drop-down-menu in the upper menu bar on the homepage. As a result he can immediately see the complete website in the chosen language.
Curious? Go to www. and select a language of your choice and you will see that it works!
This way, EUROPOWER can offer an even better service to her international clients. After all, a good service starts with a good intelligibility! • Europower Generators bvba