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Tips for carefree transport of generating sets up to 40 kVA

Ladies and Gentlemen

In this newsletter we would like to give you some suggestions on how to avoid problems during transport of generating sets. Hereunder you will find more information about the packing and unpacking of generating sets, safe transport and signing off delivery notes.

Although we try our best to send your deliveries to your company, it is possible that something goes wrong during transport every once in a while. That is why we would like to remind you to pay attention when you sign off the proof of delivery (CMR) or the delivery note. Your signature is final. If you sign off the receipt and a problem arises afterwards, the damage can not be claimed from the forwarder anymore. It is a good idea to sign the proof of delivery (CMR) or the delivery note “with reservation”.

Deliveries of spare parts and separate options, … can also get damaged during delivery. Please pay attention to the following advice when checking deliveries:

  • If possible, check the goods in the presence of the driver.
  • Count the pallets.
  • Open the packaging and check if the goods are in good condition.
  • Check if your delivery is complete.
  • If there are visible defaults or shortages, please write a detailed remark on the proof of delivery (CMR) or delivery note.
  • Make sure that the driver signs this remark too.
  • Take pictures of the damaged shipment if necessary.
  • Inform EUROPOWER as soon as possible about possible damage. If you wait too long, the damage can not be claimed anymore.
  • If a survey of damage is requested, make sure you wait to repair the goods until the damage file is completed.
This way you can avoid problems and discussions with the forwarder afterwards.
To simplify this check-up, we will further explain how EUROPOWER generating sets are packed. Every generating set, whether it is new or repaired, is send on a pallet. This way we can avoid that the generating set is rotated during transport, or even worse, that the generating set is turned upside down.
Several small generating sets packed in boxes (on a pallet)
  1. We wrap the generating set in a plastic bag and then lift it in a carton box.
  2. The boxes are stacked on a pallet according to their size.
  3. Between every level you can find a piece of carton that serves as protection.
  4. The stacked boxes are foil-wrapped (except when there is only one level of boxes).
  5. We tighten two small, plastic straps around the wrapped pallet.

Large generating sets packed in crates
  1. We wrap the generating set in a plastic bag.
  2. The bottom and 3 sides are fixed with nails.
  3. The generating set is lifted into the crate and is put on the supports (control panel facing the open side).
  4. Wooden pieces make sure the generating set is secured.
  5. We screw the upper side and the remaining side.

Attention! Make sure you unscrew the crate on the screwed sides when unpacking the generating set. This is the easiest and fastest way to open the crate.
The crates are designed to transport with a forklift or a pallet truck. To safely lift the generating set out of the crate, use preferably a forklift truck. First remove the wooden pieces which secure the generating set.

When you unpack the generating set, you will see a green, round-shaped sticker. This sticker means that the generating set was subjected to Quality Control and passed. On the packaging you will always find a type sticker which contains information of the generating set. Here you can find, for example, the type, the serial number, the options, the sockets, … The manual can be found inside the packaging, attached to the frame or the lifting eye of the generating set. At last, EUROPOWER puts an address label and a delivery note on the box or crate.

The generating sets should be delivered at your company as described above. If not, something possibly went wrong during transport. Please check your delivery with care and always sign “with reservation”, even if there aren’t any problems at first sight.

If you send a generating set back to us, for example for repair, you should do this the same way as described above. You can always contact us for more information. If you have other tips to avoid problems, we are always interested to hear them.


Because electrolyte is a dangerous and corrosive product, EUROPOWER never sends out generating sets with filled batteries. Forwarders do not transport deliveries that contain electrolyte because they need a special permit for hazardous materials (ADR) for this. This means that the final customer has to fill the battery himself. Below you can read how to do this correctly.

Fill the battery with electrolyte (dilute sulphuric acid) with a density of 1,28 kg/litre. Fill to the “UPPER LEVEL” as indicated on the battery. The electrolyte temperature should not be over 30C when filling the battery. Let the battery rest for half an hour after filling. The electrolyte level sinks during this period. Refill to the “UPPER LEVEL”.

22/02/2011 • EUROPOWER Generators