Special project: EPSF100TDE

Ladies and Gentlemen

First of all, we would like to wish you a very good holiday period. But before you take a break, just have a quick look at the movie over a 100kVA generator, integrated in a Mercedes Sprinter for one of our rental customers. Click here to watch the movie!

A good idea isn’t it?

We would appreciate it to get similar ideas for projects from you and your co-workers.
Together we can be innovative.

Any ideas are welcome.

Our R&D department is ready for it!

Back to the coming holidays…

After a second fall in spring, it is time to dig up our shorts, sunglasses and sombreros to enjoy the sun.

On behalf of EUROPOWER we wish you a splendid holiday!

Of course, EUROPOWER will be open at all times* during the holiday to be at your service.

* With the exception of Wednesday 15 August

With kind regards,