Tolsma Tankbouw and EUROPOWER Generators: a successful combination!

Ladies and Gentlemen

Since 2010 EUROPOWER has been cooperating with Tolsma Tankbouw, from Heerenveen (the Netherlands), for the production and distribution of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). An IBC is a bunded steel container that can be used for the storage of fuel and oil.

Why use an IBC?

When you work on site, you often lose precious time by refuelling elsewhere. If you use a generating set in combination with an IBC, you can considerably increase the autonomy of the generating set. Working with a generating set on site does not have to be interrupted this way and becomes easier. You can use the IBC at events, in road construction and during levelling operations to provide all your machines, like excavators, rollers, bulldozers, forklift trucks, heating and air-conditioning devices, with fuel. In brief, a Tolsma container guarantees safety and continuity while working on site! The container can also be used for road transport. An ADR-permit is obliged for transport of containers as of 500 litres.

Choose safety

To avoid fuel leakage, the Tolsma IBC is bunded. This way you do not risk damaging the environment. With ordinary fuel tanks, the chance is bigger that leakage occurs. Fuel will leak into the soil and soil water will become polluted, with all its consequences. Moreover, the owner/renter/user of the fuel tank is responsible for the costs of cleaning up the soil and excavation works.


Characteristics of a Tolsma IBC

- Massive steel outside tank with detachable inside tank
- Heavy profiles for maximum stability
- Hinged lid with gas pressure spring
(can be locked with a padlock (not delivered with standard version)
- Easily moveable due to the forklift pockets on two or four sides
- Can be easily lifted due to the lifting eyes
- Overfill-protection
- Inside tank is equipped with inspection hatch, filling opening, level indication tube and suction pipe
- Provided with a logbook in a document holder
- Manual pump or electrical pump available as an option
- In accordance with the current recommendations (VLAREM and KIWA approval) and provided with UN-1202 code.

EUROPOWER offers IBC’s in different sizes from 200 to 3000 litres. All these IBC’s are available in all possible RAL colours. We guarantee the same delivery time for any container in the colour you request. All these containers are also available in galvanised version, of which we have the most common types in our warehouse. You can find more information and prices in our price list page 25.

There is no doubt about the fact that our cooperation with Tolsma Tankbouw is the right choice. Together we try to achieve quality, sustainability, environmental- and user friendliness. Contact us by e-mail to find a EUROPOWER dealer nearby.

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