Selling secondhand generating sets: what do you think?

Ladies and Gentlemen

EUROPOWER would like to help its dealers by selling secondhand generating sets.

We want to do this by using a website where every Europower dealer can put secondhand Europower generating sets online. For example, when a Portugese dealer asks for a certain secondhand Europower generator, then that dealer can get in contact directly with a dealer in France, who is selling that Europower generating set. This way, dealers can sell their secondhand generating sets faster.

EUROPOWER offers assistance

Dealers can contact both the seller and EUROPOWER. Both dealers can then negotiate the price, delivery time and other practical aspects. Furthermore, we can offer our service when it comes to maintenance or transport.

To get a better idea of your view on this topic we would like you to answer the following questions:

  • Are you interested in such a secondhand Europower generators website?
  • Which reliable sites do you know where secondhand generating sets are being sold?
  • Are there pitfalls? What should we look out for?
  • What should we avoid doing?

Can you make sure this questionnaire reaches the right person?

Even though it may take a year before we put the website online, we hope to receive your answers by the end of September 2013. We are looking forward to expanding this new network with you!

Kind regards,