Ladies and Gentlemen

As of today EUROPOWER launches its new website. This was an intentional choice to be able to provide our customers in the future with more information. Little by little we will add information to the website and off course we will keep you posted! It is imperative that our customers find all the information quickly and easily. That is why we modified and simplified our layout. You can find all the information you need in no time.

What has been changed actually?

We have added information about our Product Finder on our home page. This is an application which you can use to generate Product Sheets among other things. The link guides you directly to the application. If you click 'products' on top of the page and then 'Product Finder' you can open the it as well. The Product Advisor can be found in a similar manner. How these applications work will be explained soon.

Furthermore, the pictures are classified in segments, so that the visitors can see where and how our generators can be used. These are all real-life pictures from our customers or end users.

On top of that, we have started using social media. From now on you can follow us on various networks, but we will notify you soon!

The coming weeks you will receive some more news letters about our new website, but you don't have to wait to discover our site! Go to and take a look.

Kind regards,