New: water pumps!

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Europower has started selling Honda water pumps recently. These pumps move large quantities of water in a fast and efficient way. They are suited for agricultural and industrial applications among other things, but the fire department uses these water pumps as well. They are even useful at home. 

When choosing a water pump, it is important to know which liquid you want to pump up. It is also important that the pump has enough capacity to get the job done. Depending on the model it can move 140 up to 1,640 liters every minute. This equals a discharge capacity of 8.4 up to 98.4m³ liquid per hour.

Europower sells four different types of Honda water pumps. We will put them all together with their ideal applications.

The de-watering lightweight pumps are ideal for pumping up ditchwater and are therefore suited for garden and lawn irrigation. They can also easily sprinkle fruit trees and vegetables. Moreover, you can save considerably on tap water by washing your car with rainwater. These compact, light and portable de-watering lightweight pumps WX10 and WX15 are therefore an excellent investment for everyone! For professional and intensive use we offer the WB20 and WB30. These pumps have a higher capacity in comparison to the normal de-watering lightweight pumps.   

The construction trash pumps WT20, WT30 and WT40 suck mud, small contaminants and gravel from building excavations. They are designed to pump liquid, which may contain particles up to a maximum diameter of 31mm. That is why they are the preferred choice for contractors and rental applications.

Honda’s de-watering high pressure pump WH20 is the ideal solution for the irrigation of large areas. It can pump water over long distances among other things and move 500 liters of water per minute. This pump is especially suitable for firefighting, cleaning pools and irrigating horticultural crops.

The multi-purpose pump WMP20 is particularly suitable for processing salt water, chemicals and detergents for agriculture. The WMP20 can easily pump liquid fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide and acids, because the housing is acid resistant and corrosion-free.

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