EUROPOWER expands its rental range!

From now on available from 10 up to 250kVA and in Stage IIIA. This makes EUROPOWER one of the sole manufacturers who can offer a complete rental range in Stage IIIA version (Directive applicable starting from the EPSR20TDE 20kVA). Stage II versions are available for emergency power, stationary generators and for the non-EU market.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Intermat is gradually getting closer and that is why we already want to give you a sneak preview! We will give you a brief introduction on what we will show during the exhibition.

As of today we offer a wide selection of rental generating sets:

  • 1500rpm: rental generating sets from 14 up to 250kVA.
  • 3000rpm: rental generating set of 10kVA (EPSR11-3TDE).

3000rpm rental generating sets? Am I right?
YES! Some of our clients are asking this. This way, rental businesses are able to bring into action smaller and more compact, but nevertheless highly reliable machines. The strong Kubota engine has a life span of at least 7500h in 3000rpm, of course on condition that maintenance is carried out according the planned intervals.

For smaller applications, there is no need to rent a heavy machine. This is a big advantage for the fuel and oil consumption. It occurs often that heavy machines are rented with low charges connected, which is extremely harmful for the engine! Furthermore, these smaller generating sets are compact and silent, equipped with a peripheral bumper and a galvanized frame, so that the market value remains high after a couple of years in the rental industry!

All our “EPSR” rental versions have an identical and recognizable line.

Not only the diesel generating sets, but also our popular gasoline generating sets that are often used in the rental market will be shown on Intermat.

Our rental range offers the ideal solution for every rental company.

Thanks to our extensive standard rental range, EUROPOWER presents itself as state of the art partner for every rental company worldwide! Moreover, custom made solutions are always possible. Think of parallel operation between generating sets, remote monitoring via internet - mobile phone – PC (web-based), automatic oil filling mechanisms, spark arresters and much more.

Contact us if you want more information or visit us between the 20th and the 25th of April 2015 on Intermat in Paris, booth 5b M 049.

With kind regards,