Ladies and Gentlemen,

For many of us, the end of the year means spending precious time together with family and friends and wishing them all the best for the new year. We, at Europower, have a warm heart for all our colleagues, customers and partners. In this period of happiness and celebrations, we try to think of all our fellow men. Everyone deserves to be accepted and respected, no matter what their skin looks like, no matter who they love or what they believe in.

In these hard times were attacks, sexual violence and trivial arguments often appear in the media, we have to make sure that we stay tolerant. We believe in a world where everyone can live together peacefully, a world where everyone is equal and where everyone feels safe and welcome.

We would like to think about this for a moment.
We cannot change the world within one day, but every little gesture helps.
Do not only wish your family and friends all the best, but wish it to the world and for all your fellow men.  Let’s make this world a happier and more colorful place.

With this video, we hope to bring a little bit of joy into this, sometimes, hard world.
Click here to watch our video.

Kind regards,