Do you have a technical question about the functioning of a generator?
Do you know exactly when your generator needs maintenance?
Or do you want to know more about the current emission standards?

Then you definitely have to consult our FAQ website for generators of any brand. You will find an answer to all your questions!

To make things easy for you, we have divided our questions in different categories. That way, you can see if your question  already has been answered on our website. This also is convenient, because you can take a look at questions that are related to each other. Do you need a quick answer? Search for a keyword. You will see all the questions that contain this specific keyword. Can’t find your question? Then ask it anyhow and ameliorate this useful source of information.


  • A reliable source of information for you and your clients
  • Available in clear language for people with and without technical knowledge
  • Dynamic: questions can be added at any time
  • One of the only FAQ websites about generators
  • Available in English, Dutch, French and German

Be sure to take a look at It’s a treasure of information for everything that has to do with generators.   

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