Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just being connected to the internet makes any company interesting to cyber criminals. Scammers use fake emails or fake websites to try to obtain personal information, for example, your bank account details or passwords, and then steal money. Be aware that cyber criminals have extremely inventive ways to explain why for example payments should be done on other accounts!

We want to raise the awareness, because one of our customers was almost the victim of such cyber criminals. The following happened:

Our customer placed an order and we send him an order confirmation within 24 working hours. The scammers had access to our customer’s e-mail account and intercepted our e-mail. They wrote an e-mail message with the name of one of our employees and asked to pay 50% upfront. Our order confirmation was modified. On the pictures below, you can compare the modified version to our version. Click on the pictures to see the examples in big.

Fraud Correct

The following things can be noticed:

  • Poor quality of the PDF file
  • Payment is asked on a different bank account
  • A discount field is added on a different place

Furthermore, they asked to execute the payment in dollars to an offshore bank account.
EUROPOWER does not have an offshore bank account!

If you have any doubts or if you ever receive an order confirmation or invoice like this, please consider it as fraud and inform us immediately.

If we change our bank account number or if we ask for another payment term than what is confirmed in your conditions, you will always be informed by an official letter and a phone call from one of our known employees.

Please do contact us if you have further questions.

With kind regards,

Luc Heylands – Yves Heylands – Dirk De Wachter