10 key questions to sell a generator


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Before selling a generator, it is important to discuss some elements with your end user. As a result of that, as a EUROPOWER dealer, will be able to offer the perfect product for its customer, who in turn, will be able to work with his generator without concern. As a professional manufacturer of generators, we established, together with a couple of our dealers, 10 key questions that you can ask your customer while selling a generator.


  1. Specification of the loads which are connected (at the same time) to the generator?
  2. Single phase (1~230V) or three phase (3~400V or 3~230V) generator?
  3. Estimation of the running hours per year?
  4. Gasoline or diesel (or propane/LPG)?
  5. Engine with recoil start or with electric start?
  6. Noise level (open type or super-silent type)?
  7. 3000rpm or 1500rpm engine?
  8. Which weight and dimensions are allowed?
  9. Required autonomy or fuel tank capacity?
  10. Minimum and maximum ambient operating conditions (temperature, height, humidity)?

We hope that these questions can be a good basis to offer the correct product to your customers.

Do you want to use these questions to sell generators? Click here to find your printable version!


If you want to know why these questions are important, you can find an explanation of each question by clicking here.

If you need further assistance, take a look at the Product Advisor on our website. This is a useful tool to help you or your customer to choose the right generator.


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Frank Vandevenne - An Schurmans - Johnny Kirsten - Ruben Grauls