Use our product compare to see multiple generating sets, side by side. This way, you can easily compare the technical specifications of the different generating sets you are interested in.
compare splash enYou can easily save your outcome in PDF format and/or print it. As a Europower dealer, you can e-mail it to your customers or print a hardcopy. If you have a limited number of Europower generating sets in your warehouse, you can select all the models you offer and print these in poster-size. This way, you can use this poster in your showroom to explain the differences between the generating sets.
As an end-user, you might not have enough technical knowledge to decide which generating set suits you best. You can print or e-mail the outcome to ask a Europower dealer for more information. He will give you expert advice about the selected generating sets.

Where to find

You can find the product compare on the product finder page. Once you start selecting generating sets, a new menu will appear between the filter and the list of generating sets.
 compare where2find en
compare menu1 enThe first button (it is not really a button) shows the number of selected generating sets. Pressing the second button (show selection) will limit the list of generating sets to the selected items only. The button will also change to “Show filter” which allows you to change back to the filtered list.

compare menu2 enThe third button (clear selection) will uncheck all selected generating sets so you can start all over again.

compare menu3 enThe most important button is the compare button. Pressing this button will open a new browser window where you can find the product compare.

Customised product compare

The product compare has a top banner. This can be replaced with your customers’ banner. This is the same banner like the one on the product sheet. (see product sheet for more info)
Customised banners will only be displayed for customers who have their banner installed in our system.
compare custom en
The default Europower template will be used to build a product compare. If customers need more personalised product compare sheets, than they will have to use the customised templates.

Default compare or customised templates?

Both are templates, but our default template only allows a customised banner and will only generate a webpage with PDF functionality. Customised templates allow you to change the look and feel in such a way that the generated document could look as if it was yours to begin with. Since the product compare is an extension of our template system, it has the same benefits.
(More info about templates can be found on the template help page)


There are some limitations regarding the possibilities with the compare and customised templates. The result of a compare will always be a list of generating sets that are displayed side by side.  Therefore, the templates are limited to html and Excel (or any Open document format such as ods).

The compare

Every html template that is generated by the product compare will have some extra features at the top of the page.
compare menu4 enThe first dropdown menu will allow you to select the page orientation for the PDF export (portrait or landscape). Depending on the number of select generating sets, it is possible that portrait will not give you the best output. If so, choose landscape for your PDF export.

The second dropdown menu will allow you to change the order in which the generating sets are displayed. For now only article code, kva max and type are the extra options besides the “current selection” option. The “current selection” (which is default) will always display the generating sets in order of selection.

The product finder button will lead you to the product finder page.

Finally there is also a “Google translate” dropdown menu that can be useful for those in need of extra languages that are not supported by Europower. (more about languages in the language help page) Bear in mind that PDF export will not work with Google translate.
FaLang translation system by Faboba